Image by Rodion Kutsaev

Kendall Jigsaw

"My Kendall... where can I start???
Thursday December 2, 2021 was the most horrendous day of my life! A nightmare that I can’t wake from. My heart is flooded with sorrow. Kendall was my best friend in the entire world.
It is all true what others say/said about Kendall. He did have a true zeal for life. Everyday was a precious gift to him. And he made it a point to tell others to choose happiness because tomorrow isn’t promised.
His love for guitar, music and performing was his passion and he viewed his talent as a gift from God. Thus he never took playing lightly.
And yes, his love for me was real, deep, authentic and true. I could see it in his eyes every time he looked at me.
Joining him in SL was amazing! I loved singing with and for him. He truly was my everything. I am proud and blessed beyond measure for all the things he taught me. Proud and blessed to have been his fiancé. I will forever miss my love.
RIP Baby. " Princess Jeni

"I am so so sad ,it's hard to take in . The Blues Cove was lucky enough to have this incredible man perform for us. He had such amazing talent but it wasn't just his talent that made him what he was. His personality was huge, larger than life. Kendall LOVED life, you felt it in everything he did, played, and sang. He was so full of passion and laughter. And Kendall did so much more, he was everywhere, listening to other artists, loving their music . he had such a zest for life, for music, for people, and for his love Jenni.
Kendall, your passing will leave a hole in the hearts of many and Secondlife Music has lost a very very special person" Aqua Willowind

"Kendall was such a lovey person inside and out his shows were breathtaking so enjoyable I was so proud when he asked me to video some of his shows he will be missed so deeply from everyone he knew . Kendal you have gone to soon but you have left a deep impact on all of us to remember you with your music and gentle soul R.I.P. fly high with the angels. Blessings and prayers to his family and friends." Kandy Kyong

"OMG noooo R.I.P" Ally A Daysleeper

"This sad news and loss of Kendall is hard to bear and makes me very sad. Who knew him knows what beautiful soul he had. In addition to his great talent as a musician, it was his humor, his naturalness, his positive, grateful and friendly nature that made him so special to me. When he appeared the sun shone and now he shines further down on us as a star. I'm sure where he is now, he will keep rocking and bring joy to everyone with his jokes and his big heart. He will be sorely missed and he leaves a huge void in SL. You were a present for all of us! R.I.P dear friend.
May they find solace with my sincere condolences to his wife and family." Taila Saenz

"I wasn't as close to Kendall Jigsaw as many of you here but my throat got all lumpy and my eyes started to water when I read he had left this earthly plane today. The Second Life Music Scene lost a hugely talented and genuinely kind man and it's going to be raining in some hearts tonight but sometimes it's best to let it rain and feel whatever you need to feel.
R.I.P buddy, keep rockin' all the way to those pearly gates" Jack Dryden

"Yesterday the live music community lost a great friend! A great entertainer! A brother! I'm still trying to wrap my head around it. Why?!! Seems just yesterday when he first messaged me. He was at Sapphire and was excited to learn that it was a live show. We chatted for awhile, the rapport was easy and fun. We chatted about e'rything, from his love of music to his love for the great outdoors! It didn't take long to notice he was high, but not only in a medicinal/chemical way, the man was high on life! He sends me his soundcloud, just WOW, the man could play! There was only one person that came to mind, when he said "All I wanna do is play". And play, he did! I've said this before and I'll say it again...Kendall Jigsaww was the kick in the ass that the live music community needed! He wasn't in it for the money, he was in it for the music! He supported each and e'ry one of his fellow performers. Always the first to applaud proudly and boast a sincere compliment. He never got down the skill of reading an IM, but you couldn't fault him for it. His mind was on the music and the enjoyment he brought to the crowd. There wasn't one person that walked in he didn't notice. He was quick to greet them personally for he knew each and e'ry one. When he realized he may have missed thanking someone for a tip he'd take time after a show to send all a NC of his gratitude. Live music, for me, has lost it's groove! If there's anything to learn from this devastating news, it's to embrace your loved ones tightly because we just never know when it could suddenly all be lost. Kenny, I already miss you! Rest easy, my friend! " Maggie May

"Kendall knew every day he was on earth was a gift. He lived his life knowing that. He was a humble man, an amazing soul, a heart full of nothing but love for everyone. To say he was my friend would be putting it lightly. Every person he met, every soul he touched, was swept right into his Kendallness! Goofy laugh, amazing fingers beyond belief, great stories, and just love for everything will never be forgotten. He was excited for every day of life. He loved to share music, all kinds and he always said, "It's all good, It's all love, It's all groovy! He was brother and sister to all! I know where is he now, and i know he is jamming like crazy on his green guitar! Luv ya always, my brother!!" Mina Weissbrod

" I am still in shock. " Bree Bear Anitine

"You were always such a sweet soul since the moment i met you Kendall Jigsaw. The world lost a loving soul, but the sky gained a rock star. Rock with the best of the best my man! Rip" Amber-lyn Aka-Nova Caine

"Rest in peace, Kendall. You will be sorely missed..." Velvet Rose

"Kendall's music will play forever in my soul..." Silkie Sands

"Kendall's passing is a tremendous loss to the music world and to those of us who knew and loved him. May his beautiful, musical soul rest in peace.  " Valana Spencer

Image by Rodion Kutsaev
Kendall Jigsaw